Saturday, June 6, 2009

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Dennis Sherrod

Dennis Sherrod Please pass this information on to all.
It is with deep regrets that I inform everyone of the death of a fellow Veteran Storm Chaser Fabian Guerra. He was killed in an automobile accident last night 06-05-2009 while enroute from his home in Chicago to Iowa to meet up with two other storm chasers. He leaves behind a wife, their two children, and other family members. Fabian was to chase and document storms this weekend with Craig Maire and Darrin Rasberry. A Fund has been established in the name and for the family of Fabian Guerra. A small portion will be used for flowers from the Chaser Community and Friends. The remaining funds, as long as they continue to come in will be given to the wife and children of Fabian Guerra.
Please go to: and go to any Donation link. Please mark any donation with the initial FGF. Thank you!

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