Sunday, June 7, 2009

Forty Piece Choir

"FPC" by Forty Piece Choir (Click for Audio)

And when the Magic's not on time.

And when the season arrives.

i will laaayyyayayyy my soul down to you,

to let you you know that were alive,

look at the magic that we made,

and on the way we grew,

were all growing faster than what we are today,

ithink its pretty cool,

ithink its pretty cool,

dolilio your really kind and cool,

bakason is a super nicely cool,

edgarsssss, hes kinda of cool,

eddie spaquetti is super duper cool,

danny d is cal city cool,

kid deyoung, hes real cool,

kelly kruse is qualified to be cool,

jimmy jazz vanish is ultra jazzy cool,

fabian, man that man was cool,

j. slade, playes the blue note cool,

and thats pretty cool,

shaft, hes steady cool,

hoffi was cool except for his aim,

boyle song was written cause hes cool,

smu tim mcarthy is super trippy cool,

and thats pretty cool,

god is pretty cool,

and its pretty cool

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