Sunday, June 7, 2009

Virginia Sky Chaser

I knew Fabian since I got into chasing and the community in 2004. He was a regular in a storm chasing IRC channel that I was a part of. I remember him being very enthusiastic about his chase-cations. There was one time in 2005 I believe, he and I talked about the chase-cation he was preparing for. He was packing his stuff in advance and he could not wait.

He loved what he did and was always rather humble. He was dedicated and never pushy or showy. I always enjoyed talking with him. Sadly, the last time he and I spoke was last summer.

It is always hard when we lose a fellow chaser. It is like losing a family member. If someone passes it affects every one of us. I remember how tragic it was when we lost Eric Nguyen back in 2007. No matter what, we will always keep them in our hearts and minds.

Since today is a Moderate Risk day in the heart of tornado alley, I hope someone catches a tornado in honour of Fab. He would have loved a day like today to chase. According to Craig, he believes that Fab would want people to go and chase today. I will dedicate my next chase to him.

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