Wednesday, December 4, 2002


"We then used that demo tape to secure a bass player, Fabian Guerra, who could actually play bass to djembe and congas, which had confused the hell out of me."

Saturday, June 8, 2002

Sensuously dark pop-folk for the post-TV generation.


"At times she sounds like an innocent child singing softly to herself...only to go into her signature low-toned growls of heartache and deep self-introspection. Her songs are stripped down and acoustic, which allows nothing to get in the way of her emotive storytelling."

-- Fabian Guerra, Quest Management; Manager/ Talent Buyer, Big Horse Lounge, Chicago, IL

Thursday, March 14, 2002

Big Horse Lounge 2002

"In the shadow of the Double Door, "Big Horse is a testing ground for bands to get into bigger venues," says Guerra. Of Ecuadorian descent, he has been working with the lounge for a few years, booking alt-country, punk, and rock bands. He also has his own promotions company -- Quest Management -- and considers the Latin bands on par with their English-language rock counterparts. The opening salvo of Latin rock at the Big Horse -- with Descarga and El Guapo warming up the crowd for Zamandoque Tarahum -- came to pass with a call from band manager and promoter Sandra TreviƱo. "As long as they're good and promote themselves, I'm open to booking more," Guerra points out." (Full Article)
14 March 2002, Illinois Entertainer