Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My memories of my big brother are endless...

Fabian became my big brother when I was six.

It was always so exciting when I saw them because I had been so alone before that. Fabian was undoubtedly our leader. He and Marcelo used to 'fake' fight in order to scare me and it always worked. When I'd start crying and run to tell on him, he'd fall over hysterically laughing. Very funny, huh?!

My memories of my big brother are endless...He protected me many times. When I was in Fifth Grade there was a weird boy who would follow me home from school every day. One day, Fabian saw how flustered I was as I ran into the house... he asked me, "do you want me to make sure he never follows you again?" and I said, "yes". Well... my tall,big bro ran out of the Catalpa house and into the alleyway in such a fury. Watching him through my back bedroom window (where I was hiding) I saw him crouch into an attack position and storm into the alley grunting and screaming at the top of his lungs. Oh My!!! That poor little fifth grader never came back. I was so thankful for him that day and felt a real pride in my heart that he lived with me. That I was lucky enough to have a big brother who chased away the boys : )

When I was in college, Larry and I went to see Gustavo perform somewhere. Upon exiting the venue, my moms bright red BMW had been destroyed in a police chase. I was hysterical of course at the sight and of the fear of telling my mom. My very first instinct, was to run right back into that place and find my big brother. And that is exactly what I did. He was so shocked but calm. He went with us to the police station and just handled me and the whole situation so well! A true big brother.

I love him. I miss him. But I know that he is ALWAYS near us...protecting us.

Written with love and tears,

His little sister,


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